Who I am

I am Demetre Koumanakos, known by the callsign SV1ENS. Born in 1962, I am fortunate to be married to a wonderful wife and blessed with a son and a daughter. My academic journey has led me to degrees in Social/Political Sciences, Fine Arts/Photography, Computer/SW Engineering, and Business Administration. Currently, I am pursuing a doctorate in Theology.

Having served in the Hellenic Army's Aviation Support Battalion as a communications engineer/specialist, I transitioned to the telecom sector upon completing my military service. Starting as a Digital Exchange Programmer, my career evolved, eventually reaching the role of Programme Director Expatriate.

At present, I call Canada home, operating under the callsign VE3/SV1ENS.

Stuff I do

My scarce moments of leisure are divided between my cherished family and my beloved hobbies. Logging rare DX brings me immense joy, and my family and I have ventured across vast expanses, exploring most of Europe, the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. Our future aspirations for travel extend to the enchanting realms of the Far East.

Beyond the airwaves and globetrotting, I'm a licensed skipper for open sea sailing, navigating the maritime waves. My preferred mode of non-maritime transportation is my trusty German twin cruiser...

Amateur Radio

I entered the realm of Amateur Radio in the early 1970s, constructing my first transmitter utilizing an EL84 radio tube. My licensing journey culminated in 1997, marked by the successful navigation of a difficult code requirement.

Throughout my early years in High School and University, I actively engaged with various school clubs. In the vibrant period of 10 meters, I accumulated thousands of contacts during the peak season of Cycle 21, predominantly operating on Phone. Over time, I've conquered all bands and explored diverse modes, with my current focus primarily on digital operations.

Participation in digital contests has been a notable part of my journey, earning the prestigious 1st European place for Single-Op QRP Multi-Band in the 070 PSKFEST of 2002 and 2005. I take pride in crafting much of my own equipment and antennas, embracing the hands-on aspect of the hobby.

My enthusiasm extends beyond the hardware to the digital realm, I derive joy from coding radio-related software. Among my creations are various antenna and transmission line calculation programs. A highlight is the 'Amazing Kenwood Controller,' which provides control for many older Kenwood rigs and secured a place in the 'SoftBase Top 40.'

In the 1990s, I hosted the 'Amazing Remote' file repository BBS, a repository for Amateur Radio software and manuals, gathering over 1000 hits a day. My journey in Amateur Radio continues to be a technical exploration, and a passion for both the traditional and digital modes of the hobby.

Listen to my Online Radio

In my teenage years, I immersed myself in the world of free radio, curating playlists of Euro-Pop and Indie hits. Fast forward to today, where I continue to share my passion for music by spinning a mix of timeless classics and contemporary hits on my online radio platform.

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